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Tell the time

This ITP displays on-screen analogue and digital clocks separately or together. The clocks can be moved around the screen and their sizes altered. Times can be adjusted in different intervals of time. The 'set' option on the digital clock is used to set the time shown on the clocks. Once you have selected your options click on 'set' again to restart the clocks.

Run this ITPRun Tell the time 0.9
tell the time controls

The clocks can run in real time or from a set time and over any interval. The clock can be stopped and started. The ITP can be used to support the teaching of the telling of time, to identify time before and after given intervals and to undertake calculations that involve time.

clovk controlsUse the pointers to make the clocks larger or smaller.

Click on the button to show or hide each clock.

stop and start buttonClick on the button to stop or start the clock.

When started, the clock operates in real time.

plus and minus buttons

Click on the plus and minus buttons to change the time shown on the clock by the amount shown in the centre button.

Click on the centre button to change its value. The options are 1hr, ½hr, ¼hr, 10min, 5min and 1min

digital clock controls

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