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This ITP displays an on-screen ruler you can use to measure lines and the sides of shapes. There is a choice of rulers and five screens to use to demonstrate measuring length. You can draw your own lines and shapes or select those that are available on the ITP. The ITP can be used to demonstrate how to use measure using different rulers. The ITP can be used to compare lengths and the perimeters of shapes and to support children's understanding of scale. You can develop their ability to estimate length against a given scale and use the ruler to check the accuracy and demonstrate what to the nearest half and whole unit means.

Run this ITPRun Ruler 1.2

right pointerClick on the right pointer to reveal different pages.

ruler screenThere are five screens in total;

  • An empty screen to draw.
  • Horizontal lines,
  • Sloping lines.
  • Rectangles with horizontal base.
  • Rectangles with sloping base.

change ruler buttonClick on the button to change the ruler from plastic to wood and to hide and reveal the numbers on the ruler.

move the ruler buttonPress and drag the ruler to move it to a different position. Use the button on the end of the ruler to change its angle.

pencil buttonClick on the pencil button to reveal the drawing tools. A pencil will appear on the screen.

how to draw a lineDrag and drop the pencil to start a line; drag and drop again and a line will appear between the two points.

how to draw a shapeDrag and drop to create the outline of a shape. When the shape is closed it will be filled.

rubber to delete all lines or shapesDelete all lines or shapes.

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