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Place value

This ITP displays on-screen place value cards to construct and partition three-digit whole numbers. Once the cards are created they can be deleted clicking on the cross in the top left hand corner. By clicking on the number, a card can be dragged around the screen and repositioned. You can have one or two sets of cards on the screen at a time. The value of each place value card is determined using the respective button at the bottom of the screen.

Each number on a card can be represented by groups of counters, clicking on the pointer on the card to reveal and hide the counters.

The ITP can be used to demonstrate the construction and partitioning of numbers to secure children’s understanding of place value. Displaying two sets of cards you can compare their values and pose questions about their sum and difference. Partitioning the numbers and rearranging them can be use to help children understand how pencil and paper methods of calculation are recorded.

Run this ITPRun Place value 1.1
up and down pointers

Use the up and down pointers to set the values for hundreds, tens and units.

Click on the number button to create a card with that value.

place value cards

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