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Number line

This ITP generates a number line. Two markers with numbered boxes can be moved along the number line. Depending on the order of the two markers you can show the sum and difference between the two numbers and the calculation represented. You can hide and reveal the numbers in the boxes, which will also hide and reveal the respective numbers in the calculation. The maximum and minimum values on the number lines can be altered and the numbered intervals can be hidden and revealed.

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number line controls

The ITP can be used to model calculation strategies for addition and subtraction and to develop children’s understanding of the sums and differences between positive and negative numbers. Selecting different scales on the number line and hiding and revealing the numbered intervals can support children’s estimation skills and ability to read horizontal scales.

show numberShow or hide the corresponding number on the number line and in the calculation.

Fix or unfix the first number. When it is fixed it stays in the same place. When unfixed, as the second number is moved, it moves to the position of the second marker.

show differenceShow or hide the number in the spanning box and the corresponding number in the calculation.

Show or hide the difference span.

Show or hide the corresponding number on the number line and in the calculation.

Hide or show the numbered intervals on the number line.

change maximum valueUse the pointers to increase or decrease the maximum and minimum numbers.

change mininum valueMaximum range is 0 to 500. Minimum range is –50 to 50(negative numbers are only available when the maximum number is 50 or less).

show calculationShow or hide the calculation.

Click on the ‘max’ or ‘min’ button to hide or show the maximum or minimum numbers on the number line.

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