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Line graph

This ITP allows you to enter data into a table and then create a line graph to represent the data. You can select from existing data sets, which you can amend to show the impact and changes to the graph. The data table can be hidden so that you can ask questions about the graph, for example, what a horizontal section on the graph means. As data is changed the line graph is updated.

Run this ITPLine graph 1.1
line graph controls

Points on the graph can be dragged up or down to create new graphs and see the data change in the data table. The maximum value on the vertical axis can be changed and the effect of changing this scale can be demonstrated.

The ITP can be used to introduce children to line graphs, to enable them to draw their own and to explore the properties and the ‘story’ told by these graphs.

data buttonClick the ‘data’ button to open the list of available data.

Click on a data set to create a graph from the data.

vertical axis value buttonClick on the pointers to increase or decrease the maximum value on the vertical axis.

Click on the number to recalculate the graph with the new values.

hide or show data tableClick here to hide or show the data table.

reset graph buttonClick here to reset the graph – it will automatically re-calculate the maximum value on the vertical axis

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