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This ITP allows you to compare two rows of beads and to analyse the calculations they can represent. It can be used to promote the language of addition and subtraction, particularly the interpretation of difference. The ITP operates as a series of animations which show how the rows of beads can be represented by two number lines and then as a single number line with the difference indicated by a ‘jump’. The animation runs in a sequence as shown below.

Select the number of yellow and white beads to view (the maximum is 30) and click on the numbers to make the beads appear on screen. You can move each row of beads up and down the screen at any point.

Run this ITPRun Difference 1.2
play button

Click the play button to start each stage of the animation.
The sequence is:

  1. The top yellow bead line moves down until it is in line with the white bead line.
    The shorter line will be on top so that you can compare both bead lines.
  2. A number line representing the yellow bead line appears.
  3. A number line representing the white bead line appears.
  4. The number lines merge and the difference is shown as a 'jump'.

difference screen

difference controls

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thin blue line
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